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The Ion Miracle - Jean-Yves Cote

This book was alright.

It was written basically as a summary of The Ion Effect by Fred Soyka, because the author couldn’t get copies of The Ion Effect, but wanted to share the information.

Last year I put The Ion Effect on my mandatory reading list - link in bio - reviews - mandatory reading - because I haven’t found another great book on the ion subject. If you can’t get that book, The Ion Miracle is the next best thing, even though it is much shorter (it’s basically a good pamphlet).

Many people are now aware of the problems of electromagnetic frequencies, but very few people or books discuss the ion problem in detail. Matter is both frequency and particle- the ion problem has to do with particles, not frequencies.

I think everyone should understand ions and all industries should implement what we have known about them for decades now. Several industries (mostly not in America) DO account for ions, and make healthier products as a result. Our homes, workplaces, cities, and cars will never be healthy unless ions are considered.

I highly recommend that EVERYONE learn the basics of ions, whether through this book or another.