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The Mindfulness Solution - Ronald Siegel

This book has helped me a lot.

In the 6 months before reading this I had neglected my personal wellbeing, justified by a busy schedule and growing business.

It may be okay to push things aside to focus on something important, but our habits make us who we are, and our habits determine our life.

Many of us get “caught up” in various things. It is so important to remain mindful.

This book is better than other mindfulness books or happiness books I have read. It is clearer and more properly detailed and down to earth.

I am guilty of letting my emotions negatively affect my life, and using some of the strategies in this book has helped me to get back to “myself”, realign my priorities, deal with my emotions, and accept the way things are.

There is a ton to say on the importance of mindfulness, saying nothing of the meditative practices. I recommend the book. Many things are important, mindfulness is foundational to all of it.