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The Mirror Effect - Drew Pinsky

I enjoyed this book. I’ve always liked Pinsky, he’s a very good communicator, and very levelheaded.

Celebrity in general isn’t an important topic to me, but the overall issue of narcissism in our society is definitely a problem, and Pinsky makes a good case that this has a lot to do with celebrity influence and media coverage of dysfunctional celebrity behavior.

This book was an easy read and made its point clearly and thoroughly, without any tangents. I recommend it. As with most cultural changes in society, real progress starts with us. Understanding the problem and being an example of what to do about it is key to influencing others.

I doubt we are going to make serious changes for the many problems facing our world if we do not sort out the attitude and value problems in society. A bunch of narcissists aren’t going to come together for the greater good.