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The Napoleon Myth

This book was alright.

It was very short and definitely left me wanting more.

The most interesting part was the reprint of “Grand Erratum” by Jean-Baptiste Pérès. Pérès makes the case that Napoleon is an allegory of Apollo (the sun). Pérès was apparently being satirical, but it is still very interesting. Many readers will notice similarities in the genre of “comparative religion”, how many characters in different religions share similar stories.

The rest of the book discussed some abnormalities in Napoleon’s story, but didn’t really conclusively make the case, in my opinion.

Since the book is so short it could have easily spent a lot more time elaborating the theory. I don’t mind believing that historical characters are fictional, but I need quite a lot of compelling evidence, which was not in this book.

Many people are interested in “hidden history” and this little book is worth a couple hours of your time. It can be read for free online, just search the title.