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The Plant Paradox - Steven Gundry

This is one of the best health books I’ve ever read!

@drstevengundry has a much longer list of bad foods than I do, but I really think he’s onto something - usually, if I’m not getting results, we need to eliminate more foods..We’ve always struggled between a simple and concise list of to-do’s and to-not-do’s, and a much more comprehensive and complicated list that will cover the odd cases. As I collect more difficult cases, I need longer avoid lists and possibly longer to-do lists as well. Gundry has given me a lot to work with here.

Gundry is also an excellent communicator, and I give this book an A+ on that front.

Having said all of that, I felt disappointed by the very brief supplement recommendations. Gundry knows and states how important supplementation is, but he was short on explanations and recommendations.

I know many cases don’t get the desired results with our basic program, and I am looking forward to getting stricter with these people, using Gundry’s food lists.

I (and the Dr. Wallach camp in general @WallachsWarriors) still strongly disagree about a few of the foods Gundry recommends, but we have much more in common than not..

Gundry is also a very nice person IRL and I have a ton of respect for him - he and Wallach get along fine, despite their disagreements.

This book does a VERY good job of rebutting the modern carnivore, keto, and paleo diets, and I know a lot of the followers here will get a LOT out of this book.

Highly recommend!