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The Raw Truth About Milk - William Douglass

This book was GREAT!

Douglass is a rare health writer because he is as entertaining as he is informative. It’s very nice to laugh while reading such heavy material.

Douglass is also an excellent writer, making fairly complex topics quite easy, yet treating the reader with enough respect to give required details. This is the third book of his I’ve read and they’ve all been excellent.

I already knew raw milk was better than pasteurized/homogenized, but I really didn’t think processed milk was “bad”, I just thought it was worthless. This book has made me completely re evaluate the subject.

I wasn’t able to speak with much confidence about this before this book. I never believed raw milk was harmful, but I couldn’t back that up. And many, many people have complained to me about harm from “normal” (processed) dairy over the years, and I’ve mostly either downplayed or dismissed it. I’ve also always said “use goat milk if you’re sensitive to cow milk”, but I only had a basic understanding of why that works. Again, this book made all of this clear, and much more.

This book over-delivered. In addition to covering raw and processed milk thoroughly, there was an excellent and long chapter on human breastfeeding, which would suffice as a book itself. And even more subjects like “fake milks” (vegetable/bean milks, margarines, and other dairy replacements) and MORE gives this book tremendous value, beyond the information you will pick it up for.

I definitely highly recommend this book. Even for people who are not “into health”, I consider this a must read.