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The Real Anthony Fauci - Robert Kennedy Jr.

This book was incredible.

I already thought Fauci was a terrible politician (he’s never been an actual practicing doctor), but I didn’t know the extent of his crimes.

This book is jam packed with concrete evidence and reasoning that Fauci is one of the worst figures in the medical monopoly.

The book ALSO covers the long and dark history of medical malpractice with injections and other infectious disease “medicines”..I was surprised how deep Kennedy went, because many people believe he is “controlled opposition”. Even if he is CO, this book is very well researched and presented. Kennedy is not short on words but also makes all of them count. And all of the points he makes are in other “terrain theory” and anti needle books, so I am confident in the information and his synthesis here was phenomenal.

I think this book would be especially powerful for people who believe in pandemics and infectious diseases. Kennedy isn’t a terrain theorist, but he fully understands the theory and incorporates it into this story better than most terrain theory books. This is great for lay people because he doesn’t fully dismiss germ theory - which pushes many civilians away from the topic.

This book should be widely read, both by us who already understand the scam, and those who believe the government. I see no holes in Kennedy’s presentation here, I don’t know how anyone could NOT be persuaded by it.