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The Salt Fix - James DiNicolantonio

I really appreciated this book, and I know I’ll be recommending it all the time.

In the health business, I know that increasing salt is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to DRAMATICALLY improve someone’s health. And the increase I recommend can be shockingly high, especially for people who believe that salt is bad.

Salt is an essential nutrient for all living creatures, from mammals to microbes. There is no life without salt.

All the time I’m asked: “but why do they say that salt causes high blood pressure?” I know that my simple, dismissive answer isn’t satisfying: “because the case against salt was a scam from the beginning”.

Like cholesterol, understanding the details of that simple statement requires a whole book that goes over the history of the science of that nutrient. This is that book for salt, and I don’t have any better book to recommend on this subject.

Honestly, I knew most of the stuff in this book, but there were several things that were new to me, and I’d recommend this book to people in the health business, as well as any lay person who wants to understand the salt controversy.