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The Sugar Solution - Sari Harrar

This book was a waste of time.

Though there are many “lifestyle” factors to blood sugar, such as stress, exercise, sleep, blood sugar problems at root are nutrient deficiencies.

The medical world has ignored animal nutrition for a hundred years, and the result is that human doctors and medical researchers simply don’t know that diabetes and all other blood sugar problems were eliminated in livestock in the 1950s - by adding trace minerals to pellet feeds.

This book named 5 nutrients, yet there are 90 essential nutrients. Two pages were spent on those 5 nutrients, and I know that these 5 are simply not enough to reverse diabetes.

About half the book was spent on detailed exercises and very specific life advice about stress and relationships and so on. Almost like the book was trying to be a full manual for a healthy life, yet it came far short of the relevant nutritional information.

Stress IS important. But blood sugar fundamentally is a nutritional thing. This book isn’t good enough, and was poorly written on top of it - lots of lists and isolated blurbs, absent a coherent “book-like” narrative. It’s more like a very long pamphlet.

I know it’s arrogant to say, but I have written a book on this subject - “Everything You Should Know About Healthy Blood Sugar” - and I feel I did a much better job.

(A big reason I wrote it is because blood sugar books invariably are inadequate).

Everything You Should Know About Healthy Blood Sugar