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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

This book was great!

The Truth About Cancer series is very long, and I never ended up watching all of them. Luckily they published the transcripts..Here we get 131 opinions on what causes cancer and what to do about it. Many of the interviews are cancer survivors who tell us what they did.

There are a lot of common themes here, many people using the same compounds, many similar theories, and a few radically different opinions. I thought the general convergence was interesting - many people have come to the same conclusions and protocols, showing that cancer is not really the mystery it’s made out to be.

I found a lot of useful stuff in here to incorporate into my own protocols. My main criticism would be that since we are getting everyone’s opinion in a relatively short interview, we get basically the same overview many different times. This is fine to really hammer the main points home, but I really enjoy a more thorough explanation.

Overall I enjoyed the transcripts, and I do recommend this book. With over 1000 pages in small font, this was a really great deal!

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