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The Utopia Of Rules - David Graeber

David Graeber was one of the most brilliant political thinkers of our time.

There is an art to succinct simplicity, but there is also an art to deep elaboration, which I think is much harder. No one did this better in modern times than Graeber.

Graeber is not for beginners. His concepts are complex and readers will need a good background of history and political theory for it to make sense.

I’ve had to return to his books every few years, and they seem to make more sense on each read.

This book had a loose structure, which allowed David to explore many interesting concepts without being too tied to a core theme. 

I definitely recommend this book for anyone who is into anti-government theories, but this book also provokes a lot of thought about the nature of bureaucracy and the structure of our society.

Graeber is also the only author I know of who leaves “notes” sections that are almost as good and insightful as the main text. Even if you disagree with him, he will definitely force you to rethink some things.

Graeber died strangely in 2020, still young, and his absence leaves a big hole in progressive political thought. We should understand his work as we form our own theories for the future.