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The Yeast Connection - William Crook

I was not impressed by this book.

First of all, I thought I was getting a 400+ page book, but there were well over 100 pages of filler (blanks between chapters, large unnecessary illustrations), and large font. The book was also extremely repetitive, and I probably only got 100 pages of actual value.

Next, the primary treatments offered are pharmaceutical anti fungal drugs. If those drugs worked fantastically I would not have such a problem, but the results reported through the book are not impressive - even a year or MORE after CONTINUOUS treatment, many of the cases described still only have “mostly” improved, not total. And it appears that the recommendation is to stay on anti fungals indefinitely. So the problem has not been fixed, it is merely being managed with drugs.

There were a few passages about nutrients, and a lot about anti candida diets. Much of the diet advice conflicts with my experience, and since this is a revised addition there were numerous contradictions - the original text was basically left in tact, while the updates were tacked onto the end, and those updates sometimes contradicted the original recommendations - you’d better read the whole thing or you’ll only get the outdated protocol. Weird editing choices, in my opinion.

I commend the author for trying. This is a complicated syndrome and I have been confused about what to recommend my own clients. But this book left me more confused than when I started.

There were a very tips that I deem worthy of trying, and I will experiment. But there are so many other valuable compounds that were not discussed at all, so this book is far from exhaustive on the subject.

I know that candidiasis can be COMPLETELY rectified with a far simpler approach. If you have almost any chronic illness that hasn’t responded to other treatments, it is definitely worth exploring the idea that candida is a factor - but reading this book, I feel, will lead you astray from the actual solutions.

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