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Thyroid Balance - Glenn Rothfeld

This book is terrible.

I think the author used way too many words to say very little. There is nothing new or interesting in this book. This book is basically just a reiteration of what a regular doctor would say - take thyroid hormone.

Unfortunately, mainstream “treatment” for thyroid problems don’t work very well, and the author can’t speak with much confidence about reversal, because their treatments aren’t good enough to actually fix the problem.

This author touched on some “alternative” therapies like yoga and acupuncture, which are fine, but definitely not that important for actually reversing a thyroid problem. He also talked about some nutrients, but not clearly or confidently enough, and definitely not in the context of full reversal. I think it’s a huge stretch to add in some acupuncture and say your method is “complimentary”. Definitely one of the strangest attempts to marry allopathic and alternative treatment I’ve ever seen.

Overall, the writing was bad. I know a fair bit about this subject, and I found the explanations here unnecessarily wordy and definitely not clear enough. The author bounced between wordy descriptions and charts of numbers - maybe he would have been better writing a textbook, but that textbook would have been lame (again, telling you the exact same things a normal MD would say).

Since this book offers nothing new, and just like mainstream medicine in general, this book does not have knowledge or confidence to talk about reversal, I don’t think this book deserves to exist. It isn’t worth it for those who know about thyroid already, and definitely won’t help you if you are a lay person.

Zero out of ten.