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The Thyroid Sourcebook - Sara Rosenthal

This book was very well-written, and surprisingly enjoyable for a medical book.

The author gave a very adequate explanation of the most common thyroid problems, and most of the rarer ones. She did a great job communicating what exactly to expect at each stage of treatment - from diagnosis to post operation.

I especially enjoyed the sections about how to get the most out of your GP, specialists, and pharmacist(s). She has a really clear system for communicating better with your medical caregivers, and even for finding better ones. Anyone could use those sections, even without a thyroid problem.

Having said all of this, I applaud the effort, I enjoyed the book, I’ll read her others, BUT, she has no idea that thyroid problems (most in the modern world) are caused by nutrient deficiencies and antagonist foods. As a non-practitioner, she can’t really go past accepted methods, unless she were to completely cross the fence to the alternative world.

So, she can’t really tell us anything about nutrition, and echoed some terrible (conventional) diet advice that you would expect from an MD (where no nutrition training is required).

I don’t expect anyone in the mainstream medical sphere to have a clue about nutrition, so I don’t really blame her. Her writing was near perfect, and I understood exactly what she was explaining - again this is excessively rare.

This book was worth the dollar I paid. It is worth reading if you are a patient or practitioner. I don’t agree with any of the recommendations, but patients and practitioners should know about them in detail.