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Tobacco - A Cultural History of How An Exotic Plant Seduced Civilization

  • Iain Gately 

I don’t normally review history books, but this one was very interesting.

In the “alternative” health business we often like to make fun of medical doctors who used to promote smoking. Those who follow me might have noticed that I never do this, and I avoid the subject in general.

If you come to me for health advice, I do not care at all if you smoke or not.

I started smoking at 10 years old and have a lot to say about tobacco and health that I don’t have space for here.

If you read between the lines of the history of tobacco you will find many interesting things, and many conspiracies from the anti smoking world.

This is possibly the most vilified plant in the history of the world, and just the fact that governments are against it makes me very suspicious.

I do believe that most of what we believe about tobacco is propaganda, and this is evident in the history.

I recommend this book because very few people seem to have any actual understanding of tobacco beyond the death warnings on packaged cigarettes. Many people sound ridiculous when they speak regurgitated government propaganda about tobacco.

It is just as foolish to believe that governments care about our health to ban tobacco as it is to believe they care about our health to legalize marijuana. These substances are controlled because they are important, and you should know more about it.

I’m not saying that smoking is good. But tobacco is much more than smoke.

I have ordered some books that claim tobacco is actually healthy, so maybe I will update my opinion further. Stay tuned.

*UPDATE* - I have since read several books about "the truth about smoking", and I now believe that there is very little evidence to show smoking is harmful. Worse, the anti-smoking campaigns seem to have no interest in science. Their only interest seems to be banning smoking, regardless of the truth of their claims. See other reviews in the "Smoking" section.