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The Truth About Covid-19 - Joseph Mercola & Ronnie Cummins

I was disappointed by this book.

Chances are, if you know the pandemic is a scam, you already know everything in this book. And if you were trying to “wake someone up”, this wouldn’t be the book to do it with.

I don’t care if the authors have credentials or not, I am always disappointed by books that just jump right into the “new world order” talk without sufficient elocution.

I respect these authors and RFK jr who wrote the forward, but I was left wanting. The book isn’t that long, and it could have elaborated much more on the key points.

For example, they say the WHO is corrupt, and I agree, but we weren’t given much more than a few quotes of others saying that they were corrupt. I would have appreciated much more detail.

People don’t go to church just to hear the Bible read to them. They can read it at home and they’ve probably already read it. They go to church each week to hear one or a few points greatly expanded on, and each pastor has their own way of breaking down that message and giving relevant examples. This book very much felt like just reading the facts we already know. I’m already part of the choir, and I was bored.

When it came to giving us actual advice on what to do, they managed to make it nearly incomprehensibly complicated. I know people get annoyed with us saying “take the 90 essential nutrients and avoid the bad foods” when responding to every question, but at least that is simple and near complete. This book only recommends a handful of the essential nutrients, and again in a complicated and boring manner.

It’s not a BAD book. I appreciate having the solid numbers behind the fraud in front of me, but I can’t recommend it, and I wish I could.

The world does need to know this information, unfortunately, I don’t think this book will evoke much response outside of the echo chamber us conspiracy people are already in.

Good effort, good timing, just not a home run.