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Underground Empire

This book was very interesting!

Rarely do I find a book where almost everything in it is new to me.

This book is about the internet (housed in “underground” cables), and how the US government has sought to control it from the beginning. This is a story of spying, intercepting data, manipulating financial control across the world, and more.

Most of us know that the NSA collects data, but I definitely didn’t know what this really meant. I didn’t know that whole countries could be bullied through this underground empire that the US controls.

The implications in this book reach across every facet of society, since nearly everything now runs through this underground empire. This thesis will only become more important in coming years and decades.

What do we do about it? I don’t know, but we should definitely understand what is going on.

I recommend this book.

Disclosure: @henryholtbooks sent me this book to review. I was not paid to review. I appreciate HH as a publisher and am honored to receive newly pressed books from them. I am not obligated to give a good review, but I honestly enjoyed this one thoroughly. Looking forward to the next one.