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USA Has Issues With Maps of 18th Century

  • Anatoly Fomenko

I have very quickly become a huge fan of Fomenko.

This book is I think the shortest and cheapest of this series of 22 books. But it answers a lot of questions that have been talked about by mudflood researchers for a few years. Evidently, few of these researchers have read this book, because their speculations are way off the mark. Fomenko has an excellent explanation for the “island of California” problem, for example.

The book really is quite short, because each book in the series has about 100 pages of references and criticisms etc. Though it is brief, it is very clear and very interesting.

I would call this mandatory reading for anyone interested in mudflood, Tartaria, or history in general.

Fomenko has been accused of a Russian bias, and this book does warrant such comments. But those of us who are into Tartaria know that this has an awful lot to do with Russia, so the emphasis is definitely warranted.

Fomenko’s work really is amazing for filling in many of the gaps that alternative researchers have been guessing at. Very impressed.

See my summary video