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Vaccines: What Every Parent Should Know - Paul Offit

This book was unbelievably bad.

There was not one word about potential (serious) harm from ANY “approved” pharmaceutical needle, and I still can’t believe it. Of course a pro vax book is going to downplay harms, but to fail to mention ANY possible serious harm is actually criminal, in my opinion.

The book made it sound like these needles are almost completely “safe and effective”. It actually had me questioning my strong anti-vax stance, but I know how much information was left OUT of this book.

The book admitted some very minor side effects from most common needles, and discussed some moderate side effects in needles that are not approved in the US. "of course all those approved in America are completely safe and effective”.

This discussion is far more nuanced than this book reads. Every argument against v’s discussed in this book was a straw man (not the actual reasons people are against v’s), and the real problems with v technology and theory were never even mentioned.

No conflicting data was mentioned. No case studies or anecdotes were presented. Just accept that these things are completely safe and effective. Trust your government..Worse still, the authors give even more terrible advice for children traveling - nauseated? Take a drug. Dehydrated? Take a different drug. Constipated? There’s another drug for your child. Horrendous, to me.

Most of you here are already in the choir and I don’t need to preach to you. But if you want to see how tunnel-visioned mainstream doctors can be, check out this book. I like to think that most doctors actually CAN use logic and read data and realize that standard theory has a lot wrong. But now and then you find doctors with their heads so far in the sand that they parrot exactly what the big agencies say, and of course those agencies stand behind the drugs THEY approved.

Some books should be burned.