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Virus Mania

Apparently I’m not supposed to post about this topic, but it’s extremely important, and so far this is the best book I’ve read about it.

In the last few years many people have recommended books on “terrain theory”. Some have been alright, especially for people already “in the know”, but overall I have been disappointed - until this book!

This book is quite large (450+ pages, small font), and covers all of the major “viral epidemics” of the last 100 years. I have read books that only cover one of these, most were not as good as the chapter in this book.

The only actual criticism I have is too many punctuation and formatting mistakes. Not enough to ruin the book, but definitely another edit is warranted. With several authors, translators, and editors, the minor mistakes are probably just from “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

While I’m not sure if any book is going to convince those most invested in the virus theory, I do think it’s good enough to convert many lay people. The book did a great job of sounding rational, rather than the normal “wake up people!” tone that this genre often facilitates.

Definitely for those who are interested in terrain theory and how the public has been sold on fake viral outbreaks, this is mandatory reading.

Highly recommend.