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Wheat Belly - William Davis

I have been recommending this book for many years. I buy extra copies whenever I see them, and I give them away and sell them.

I do this because eliminating gluten is one of the most beneficial things anyone can do for their health. In many cases, people simply won’t recover unless they get rid of gluten..In the health business I want to get as much “result” as possible, as fast as possible, and in general those who go gluten free *completely* get the best results.

I love how “human” Davis writes. He manages to give us scientific details in a simple blue-collar verve, and I don’t know a more effective book to get these ideas into the average head.

All the time I hear “but my doctor says gluten doesn’t matter”, and other confusions of the subject. Everyone who doesn’t believe that gluten free is the way to go, should definitely read this book.

Recently I was asked to compare this book to Grain Brain by Perlmutter. I’ve always recommended them together because although they cover roughly the same ground, they are very different books, very different communication style and level of detail.

If I’m forced to choose, I would say that Grain Brain is overall “better”, but not by much. I still recommend both.