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This is Your Brain on Parasites - Kathleen McAuliffe

This book was alright.

It was interesting and easy to read, but I did hope for more information on what to actually do about parasites.

The author isn’t a parasite expert or practitioner, so she could only give us an outside summary. Fortunately she’s a great writer, so it was enjoyable. But without expertise, the book isn’t very practical - I was left with many more questions than answers.

Many people ask me what to do about parasites, and since I’m also not an expert on the subject, I was hoping this book would give me some answers, but it didn’t.

I was also very surprised that the book didn’t mention candida or fungus at all. I am sure the science is mixed about the behavioral impact of yeast and fungus, but the book discussed several incomplete theories anyway. Weird to exclude some of the most common pernicious infections.

Overall I have to give the book a thumbs down, even though there was nothing wrong with the book itself. I think it accomplishes what it intended to do, but it just didn’t intend to be a practical guide.