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Your Future Self - Hal Hershfield

I loved this book!

I can’t think of many more important topics than our own future, and Hershfield goes into great detail about many ways we can improve our futures today.

Many self-help books also cover this, but in a completely different way. I was honestly worried that this would be a simple re-hash of many personal development books I have read. Fortunately this book was very unique, very well written and easy to read, and very practical.

I do believe I have (mostly) conquered procrastination in my life, and I have used several of the techniques in this book - but I didn’t know how much science backed up those techniques! It was interesting to put it mildly. I found myself staying up late reading this, not wanting to put it down.

Way too many people fail to achieve the future self they desire, and I think this book would help them a lot. And this book is about more than procrastination, though I will not spoil it. I think the great @danielpink said it best on the cover - “The rare book that will change whom you see in the mirror.”

I have been harsh on some popular science books in the past for making complex subjects too simple, and I have showered praise on those that strike the right balance between a tidy theory and reality - this book deserves a place among the great pop-sci books of our time!

Full disclosure: @littlebrownspark sent me this book to review (it will be released to the public June 6, 2023), and @littlebrownspark certainly knows the way to my heart (send me books!). I greatly appreciate @littlebrownspark, but I will always give an honest review (I have given one of their books a bad review, but 2/3 were excellent, including this.) And I was not paid for my review, for the record..I highly recommend this book!