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Your Money & Your Brain - Jason Zweig

Normally my reviews are simply thumbs up or down, but this is somewhere in the middle.

Financial psychology is important enough that the books don’t have to be entertaining.

This was not too dry but, my biggest problem with it is the reliance on the international hit Thinking, Fast & Slow.

This is not the first book I’ve seen that is totally reliant on Thinking Fast & Slow, but it is so derivative that Thinking should be read first.

Since this book applies the Thinking concepts strictly to investing, this book justifies its existence.

It took a few reads to understand the importance of Thinking, Fast & Slow, but I definitely now fully appreciate the significance - SO much of modern psychology comes directly from Thinking Fast & Slow.

This book is worth it, very simply. We’re generally too dumb about investing to risk further ignorance. Even if this is largely a re-hash, it’s necessary.