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Endometriosis - Jo Mears

This book tried, but came up far short.

I think the book was very good in general - it didn’t waste words, wasn’t bloated, gave a good rundown of the main theories of the causes of endo, and discussed many standard and alternative treatments.

I was especially pleased to see the author spend solid time talking about the risks of various drugs and surgeries, and also a thorough guide of what to expect when going for certain tests and procedures. This is very lacking in most health books.

In my opinion, if you are more aware of what to expect in standard treatment, you’re less likely to do it. And that means you might actually do something INSTEAD that might actually work.

The book stayed within its lane, BUT, the author clearly doesn’t know that endo can be completely reversed. I can’t blame the author for not knowing this, and she seems to know more than the average doctor, but since she doesn’t know about total reversal she also can’t tell you about it.

It wasn’t a bad book. I loved how empathetic the author was - this is a complicated and confusing condition, I think this book would help many women. I just wish it went all the way and discussed the method to fully fix the problem. She discussed a few nutrients, but it was just short of a complete program.

Many of the pain relieving methods in the book are of minor importance, they won’t reverse endo, but they should still help. I agree with most of her recommendations, I’d just put the emphasis on nutrition instead of pain relief.