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The Happiness Effect - Earl Mindell

I appreciate this book.

We talk a lot about “EMF - electromagnetic frequencies” in the health business, but the problem of “radiation” is actually more than frequencies.

In addition to frequencies interfering with our physiology, electrical particles (ions) can also affect us. Both types of radiation are important, but hardly anyone talks about ions..Ions are actually better understood than frequencies, and can be controlled more easily (frequencies vary greatly, but ions there is only positive or negative to worry about).

Many industries understand ions, which is very upsetting to me, because we know how easily we can modify our electrical environment for the better. The information and technologies are out there, but I’ll bet the average person hasn’t heard a word about it.

This book is short but to the point. I appreciated the concept summary and the direct advice given - the book didn’t waste any time justifying itself, and I liked the brevity and confidence.

I nearly always criticize short books for being too short, and I will say that I would have liked more detail. This information is obscure and I am thirsty for more. But, for what it is it was very good and I can easily recommend it to lay people and serious researchers.

I’d also appreciate more recommendations in this subject, as mentioned, this topic is fairly obscure and I haven’t found too many books about it.